Classes & Consulting

Private Consultations

Initial Personal Consultation

90mins | 120

Want to learn how Ayurveda, can heal, restore balance, add vitality & longevity, bringing you an abundance of energy & benefits to your life?

Book in for a health consultation with me Anna & discover how a simple understanding of your constitution can make such a difference to your personal health & wellbeing.

Ayurveda is simply a unique sustainable living system based on a holistic healing approach where it’s designed to self-heal, promoting happiness, personal growth & long lasting health.

Discover how this ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine can change your life!
Let me guide you on your health journey, I would love to help.

Included in your initial consultation is an assessment of your constitution & current imbalances (if any) by pulse reading & body diagnosis. With a customised treatment plan & recommendations of detailed dietary & lifestyle advice as well as a food guideline list & copies of my own recipes.

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Follow-Up Consultations

45mins | 55

Initial and Follow-Up Package

Conditions Apply | 155

P.E.C.E - Personalised & Educational Cooking Experience

3hrs | 180

3 Hour Personalised & Educational Cooking Experience.

What to expect:

  • Food & Lifestyle Consultation
  • Cooking Demonstration of a delicious Ayurvedic Vegetarian meal including recipes to take home
  • A guided shopping experience to the local organic supermarkets

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Group Educational Ayurvedic Cooking Class

3hrs | 149

A fun 3 hour interactive educational cooking class where you learn to create & enjoy healthy, wholesome vegetarian meals cooked with organic medicinal herbs & spices. All recipes included with class.

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This is what you get during my cooking classes, a whole lot of fun & laughs. I can't help myself sometimes, my passion for what i do gets the better of me. One of my guests took this video while i was preparing my Spiced Guacamole dish at last years Summer Cooking Class.


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