Warming Up for Winter

Warming Up for Winter

Hey folks!

I hope you’re keeping well and staying warm this winter!

I’m off to visit my son interstate for a few days in Melbourne today and I am anticipating dreary cold wintery weather this time of year, nothing new but it’s the wind that will get me every time if I don’t bring in my daily practises.

I have managed to weather the storm [pardon the pun] during the winter months especially when I travel on the plane. Now I’m always prepared bringing in my daily tools, never leaving home without my calming Vata tea and protective clothing like my parka, scarves and especially my beanie to cover my head.

I definitely can suffer from the cold weather, being cold in nature myself and as a Vata Constitution I need to protect my head especially at all times from the wind so that I don’t come down with an instant headache and become airy fairy, spaced out and very light headed, then becoming very anxious and restlessness.

Does This Sound Like You?

This is definitely a sign of Vata imbalance, so being grounded for me is very important during the winter season.

I start the day with my organic Vata tea, a blend of Liquorice, ginger, cardamom, and cinnamon.

These ingredients all have a calming and warming effect on the body reducing the air element particularly when the weather is cold and dry…and it’s great for reducing the effects of jet-lag.

Keeping Warm is Key

Having an Abhyanga oil massage with my warm sesame oil and essential oils of Frankincense and Cedarwood before my shower is another way to keep my body warm, soft, supple and especially grounded, protecting me from the windy chills.

Suffering from the cold as I do, I always have to maintain my sense of grounding, having foods that are warm, heavy, oily, like soups, curries and root vegetables and bringing in warming spices like cumin, cinnamon, clove, cardamom and turmeric too, all having balancing qualities to help with my digestion.

This has been the key to myself being well in winter and also avoiding foods that are dry and cold in nature, like cold milk or yogurt for example.

Warming milk will naturally soothe the digestion, Ayurveda says “Like will always increase Like”, and bringing extra coldness within the body will always bring colds and further congestion to the whole being so coming in with foods with opposite qualities will always restore balance.

Discover Your Constitution

Lemon, Ginger & Honey Tea

Foods we eat certainly have an effect on the body too so discovering your unique Constitution is key to bringing harmony and perfect balance.

Listen to your body in times of stress, if you have a cold currently. lemon, ginger & honey is great for clearing congestion, and also stewed apples with cinnamon.

Rest the body as much as possible, never go to work unwell and try to keep in routine by going to bed at the same time every night.

So how does the weather and certain foods affect you during the winter? Let me know… Contact me here.

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